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Greg Meyer 2018 Biography

Executive Producer Greg Meyer joined Umzingeli Productions in 2005. Together with Jan Malan he staged a myriad of fashion show productions not just in South Africa but also the rest of Africa. Pioneering fashion weeks in countries such as Mozambique, Tanzania, Botswana and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He also produced high-profile productions in Angola, Nigeria, Ghana & Swaziland.

In New York he produced shows for top designers from Africa such as David Tlale, Deola Sagoe, Black Coffee, Tiffany Amber, XULY Bët and Loin Cloth & Ashes.

In South Africa he staged productions for Hugo Boss and Calvin Klein. Launched Elle Macpherson’s Intimates Lingerie line. The launch of Louis Vuitton in South Africa.

Major charity shows he co-produced is Sun City’s Positive Rocks which featured Salif Keita, John Legend and Kelly Rowland as well as the famous Hospice Wits Night with the Stars Celebrity Show which is now in its fifth year. Catwalk the World Fashion for Food in Ghana and Nigeria.

One of the highlights of his career was producing a show for Carolina Herrera in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2016.

He is also yearly produces shows for designers at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Cape Town & Mercedes-Fashion Week Joburg and has been doing son since 2007.

Most recently Umzingeli Productions produced the Plat Africa Awards for Anglo American. The show won best event at the Golden Quill Awards in Washington D.C.

Most recently Gregory Meyer with his partner Jan Malan was the masterminds behind the incredibly successful Sof’n Free HairXperts Masters Challenge, the biggest hair show in Africa, that was held June 2017.